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[ ponytailedaikidoka ]

          You know he’s more or less used to being short until days like this.

      The bus he’s on is crowded, and the bumpy road isn’t helping. He can’t move around much and every time they snag a pothole or crack— flick— he gets a dark brown ponytail to the cheek. And it tickled and—


The bus ride reminds Kazuha why she usually takes the train. It seems like they’ve hit five bumps in the last minute. The blond boy crowded to her left doesn’t look like he’s enjoying the ride either, though she doesn’t notice her hair swinging into his face with the bus’s motion.

Lost in thought about the merits of the Osakan transit systems, she jumps when her seatmate sneezes. “Y’ okay?”

"I'll get you a blanket, you're going to be here for a while."


Illness themed RP starters!

Ah, maybe he he shouldn’t have tried going out in the storm like he had, especially with a now-broken umbrella. It was by mere luck that he’d run into Miss Kazuha. Even if the brunette had dragged him out of the rain, seems now he’s caught a cold. How silly for a deity like himself to catch something like that from a relatively tame storm…

"I’m sorry to burden you, I’ll be alright…"


"Y’re not a burden," she said, draping the blanket over the young man lying in the guest bed. "I don’t mind y’ stayin’ here, ‘r takin’ care o’ y’. Anythin’ else I can get y’?" Then she remembered the kid that Yamino lived with. "Want me t’ call someone t’ take care o’ Loki-kun?"

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[text]: Got yer text. I'm fine. 're y' OK? Why're y' so frantic?


[text: ponytail cutie]: ah.. uh. nothing… never mind… just.. just a little paranoid…”

as bad as sera felt for wantinf to keep tabs on her friends like this, she doesnt wanna take the chance.

[text: ponytail cutie]: if.. if you dont mind i would appreciate it if you would..

[text: ponytail cutie]: ah.. just tell me if anything weired happens okay?…

[text: Sera-chan]: Sure… weird how?

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Blank Slate (Open Starter)


She awoke on the canyon floor and wondered who she was. Her head, arm, and ribs hurt. Her memory was blank- no faces, names, or places.

"Did I fall off th’ cliff?" No one was around to answer.

She stuck a hand into her jacket pocket. The plastic of a cell phone met her fingers. She pulled it out and searched the contacts list.

None of the names triggered memories. She sighed, choosing a random person. “Maybe y’ know who I am.”

She hit the call button.

hey you

yeah you

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well you go right ahead because my ask is open and i’m always here to listen

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you're warm



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She thought it was Heiji at first, sliding arms around her, pulling her back against a warm chest. Surprising- he hadn’t done anything like that with her since they were in elementary school. She turned to face him. “Aho, what’re y’- Kudo-kun?” 

He hadn’t been sleeping well, didn’t sleep well honestly, and tended to not sleep until his body crashed on him. Which had been the case here, of sorts, in the fact that he’d ended up napping and waking up long enough to attempt to move to a bed. The bed he’d picked just happened to have the added bonus of a warm body.

Though, to be fair, Ran probably wouldn’t have as much of a problem with this situation (especially once explained) as Hattori might. His Osakan counterpart was likely going to be the one to have a problem with this. Not that Shinichi cared that much at the moment and continued to snuggle against his current source of warmth.

She couldn’t help but smile as she felt Shinchi snuggle further into her back. I can see why Ran-chan loves him so much. He can be so adorable.

She yawned, realizing she was almost as tired as him. She closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep too.

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Shinichi wasn’t completely worried about the case, they weren’t even sure the target would show tonight as his latest kill had been a little too recent for his usual timeline. They were trying to start the hunt early though, so that maybe Shinichi could be the target this time and not some one else.

He had definitely jinxed himself, but then he had known he would. But it didn’t stop him from jerking in alarm at the sound of Kazuha’s voice, turning to look at her with large eyes. Well better her then Hattori he was sure. Coughing and blushing a little, glancing around real quick just in case, he turned to her completely. 

"A-ah… thank you, Toyama-san," he replied a little nervously. No doubt this had to raise some question, especially since he seemed to fill the clothing cuts quite nicely… Though he had never thought cute would be a word to describe him like this.

She wasn’t surprised at how flustered he got when he noticed her. He probably hadn’t been expecting anyone he knew to see him.

"Y’re welcome. I hadn’t expected y’ t’ look so good like this. If I didn’t know y’, I’d’ve thought y’ were actually a girl!" That was true- he even had slight curves that filled out the shirt and skirt.

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Staking out a case was one thing, a simple thing he’d done plenty of times before when trying to catch a criminal in the act. But doing so while wearing a style of clothing he hadn’t worn since he was six was something completely different. Grumbling to himself about how he really needed to stop playing bait for the police, Shinichi smoothed down the skirt he wore and even tried to tug it down a little more. It wasn’t terribly short, all things considered, but when he spent most of his time in slacks or jeans anything felt short.

He should have gone with capris, damn it. 

At least he looked kind of cute, maybe, wearing a form fitting hoodie and a short shirt underneath. He just wished he didn’t have to dress like the sex he’d been assigned to at birth. The only way this could get worse was if someone he knew happened to catch sight of him. And then he groaned and tried not to smudge his glasses as he smacked his forehead with his palm.

"I probably just jinxed myself."

Kazuha was walking down the street when she thought she saw a familiar face, waiting at the corner. Kudo-kun? At second glance, she thought it wasn’t him- the person was wearing a skirt- but then she realized it was Shinichi, just a Shinichi dressed in girls’ clothes.

He looks pretty good in those fer a boy. But why’s he dressed like anyway? She walked up to him. “Y’ look cute t’day, Kudo-kun.” She kept her voice low- the disguise might be for a case, and if it was, she didn’t want to mess it up.

you're warm



Invade my muse’s personal space! Send “you’re warm” to see my muse’s reaction to yours randomly cuddling up to them.

She thought it was Heiji at first, sliding arms around her, pulling her back against a warm chest. Surprising- he hadn’t done anything like that with her since they were in elementary school. She turned to face him. “Aho, what’re y’- Kudo-kun?” 

There was a sleepy murmur and he snuggled against her back. He was half asleep not even aware of what he’d done. Except that she was warm and he was always cold when tired. He immediately seemed to seek out the nearest source of warmth and Kazuha had been it.

Kazuha sighed. She probably should wake him up- Ran was in the shower, Heiji had gone to buy dinner for them all, and it would be awkward if either of them saw this- but he looked tired, and she didn’t have the heart to.

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           Wherever that may be, as long as you're happy, so am I."

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