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Questioncharacter shaming: I fought with Heiji AGAIN and broke his desk in a punch. Answer

"Do I look like Ran-chan? I’m not a puncher."

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Questionwrong: there's only three men: a son, a father, and a grandfather. Thus, the father is both a father and a son. Answer

She sighs. “Really?”

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Questionriddle: two sons and two fathers go to the bar. They each command a coke. the bartender give them only three cokes, and yet, everyone has his drink. How is that possible? command --> impersonate heiji for two days Answer

"One o’ th’ men is th’ bartender."


(i.e. ‘I ate all he cookies in the house and lied about it with crumbs over my face’)

Question(Riddle) A boy and a doctor was fishing. The boy is the doctor's son but the doctor is not the boy's father. Who is the doctor? (Command) Give me $10 Answer

"Easy. Th’ doctor’s th’ boy’s mother."


And I’ll generate a number from 1-30. All cute and fluffy! 
Numbers under the cut- no peaking and cheating!

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QuestionOh yeah sorry. I'm Tohru. Hattori Tohru. *he glanced around nervously* *Thanks god she was alone* Answer


"Are y’ related t’ Heiji?"

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Question*flash of light* Aw, crap, I hate this time-travelling shit, it always bring me at the wrong time..*starts fidgetting his watch* *notices you* ..Uh...Hi? Answer

"Uh…who’re y’?"

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Question"someone was finally able to stump me with the riddles after 10 tries so.." she kisses Kazuha on the lips Answer